Best Brunch Spots in Boston

I L O V E Boston and you know what else i love? Brunch! When I'm with my cousins in Boston I have to make sure that where we go is accommodating to gluten allergies so I will note which ones were great for that! Here are my favorite brunch spots in Boston. 



Whether you are looking for a really good breakfast or a new book to dive into Trident is the place to be. It is currently closed until August/September due to a fire - but make sure it is # 1 on your list of places to check out in Boston when it's open. Their egg benedict's are ridiculously good as well as their smoothies; honestly I've never had a bad meal there. They also have funny gifts and the perfect selection of greeting cards (I always leave with a few)! 


T H E  F R I E N D L Y  T O A S T


I went to The Friendly Toast for the first time on my most recent trip to Boston. It has the longest wait time I have ever experienced so make sure you download the 'No Wait' app so you can get in line and be notified when you should head there - I put my name down at 11 and it was ready by 1 haha! But their is a crazy wait for a reason: the food is stupidly good. I got the Lobocado - avocado toast with lobster, eggs and a side of fruit and it did not disappoint. My cousins ordered their breakfast burrito, crepes, nachos and their gluten free pancakes. They were super helpful at telling us about the gluten free options on the menu and everyone loved it! 


T A T T E  B A K E R Y  &  C A F E


Tatte is definitely the most aesthetically gorgeous brunch spot I have been to in Boston. If you're looking for great food and some good photos for your gram - this is the place for you! They have a great selection of choices for brunch from breakfast sandwiches to salads but if you're going to Tatte you have to try their pastries. They have a gorgeous selection of pastries, tarts and cakes and their coffee is so tasty! 


F O U R  S E A S O N S   -  T H E  B R I S T O L


If you're looking for something more upscale don't look anywhere else but The Four Seasons Hotel. The Bristol has a gorgeous selection of brunch options and amazing smoothies. Also great if you have dietary requirements - my cousin's favorite are the gluten free pancakes! Make sure to call ahead and make a reservation!  


disclaimer: some of the photos that were used in the post were not my own

Rosie De La Cruz