Layover: Denver

'Layover' is a new blog series I'm starting that will include my favorite places to hang, eat, adventure, and drink copious amounts of coffee in different cities. I have been spending a lot of time in Colorado over the past two years as the organization I work for is based there and that's where my parents have been living! If you only have a limited amount of time in Denver I would definitely check out some, if not all, of these places below! 


T H E  C O O P E R  L O U N G E

The Cooper Lounge in Union Station is my favorite place in Denver for drinks. Based in the upper floor of the station and surrounded by hotel rooms this bar is super unique and always busy. It has a subtle and elegant 1920's, art decor feel. Their menu has incredible cocktails as well as a large wine list and appetizers; their cheese & charcuterie board is amazing. When I go I try to branch out and try new drinks - I am such a creature of habit but this cocktail menu has so many fun creations I can't stick with the same drink. When I was last there I ordered their 'Ring Around the Rosie' - my name was in the title and it was gin based so I had to haha.  I would put this number one on your places to visit for drinks in Denver. 


T H E  K I T C H E N


The dishes served at the kitchen are at first glance quite simple. However, when you start to look further into the menu you see the flare within each option. We started out by sharing the beet salad (I am addicted to beets) and they were paired with oranges, mint and a cumin yoghurt - it was amazing! I kept it really simple and ordered the King Crab appetizer for my main and it did not disappoint! Nate ordered the steak and he loved it - he also said it was better than our recent experience at Fleming's Steakhouse! The atmosphere in here is really vibrant but still quiet enough to have conversation. It is light, airy and has an incredible wine list. I ordered a gin & tonic - which I am super picky about (honestly, I'm a gin snob) - but they made it perfect. Really recommend The Kitchen if you love farm-to-table style food! 



Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 1.44.43 PM.png

Do you want great food, drinks and the best view of the Denver Skyline? Go to Avanti! Avanti is based in LoHi and is a food court made up of seven restaurants, bars and a huge outdoor patio so you can admire the view. This is also the perfect place to go if you can't decide what to eat - you can get all choose a different style food from burgers to poke bowls whilst being in each other's company! 




Also based in the LoHi area of Denver, Postino is the perfect place for wine and really, really good bruschetta. They do have other food items on their menu, but you can choose 4 out of 15 types of bruschetta for $15. They are pretty big too so Nate and I shared and tried 4 different ones; my favorites were the prosciutto with figs & mascarpone and the brie & apples with fig spread! Also, make sure to check out their happy hour for $5 glasses of wine! 




Snooze is probably one of the best places I've ever been to for breakfast in the world. They have locations all over Denver and the surrounding areas. Be prepared to wait a while as everyone knows how incredible this place is but honestly wait it out as it is so worth it! When I go I usually get eggs benedict - they have quite a few different ones and they're all amazing - or I get just eggs, hash browns and some fruit. I have tried their pancakes before and they are on another level. I don't think you will be disappointed regardless of what you order! Be prepared as this place will ruin you; you will forever compare every other breakfast you have to Snooze. 


M I L K B O X  I C E  C R E A M E R Y


Milkbox is also in Union Station and is our favorite place for dessert. They have really creative flavors and we have never been dissapointed with what we have tried there. My personal favorites are the Salted Oreo ice cream and Strawberry! All of Union Station is really fun to explore and has a vibrant atmosphere so if you have a lunch or evening to spare I would definitely go here! It also has a direct train to Denver airport so it is the perfect place to hang out in before jetting off again. 


B L U E  S P A R R O W  C O F F E E

This modern, minimal coffee shop in the 'Backyard on Blake' community is gorgeous! They offer coffee from roasters all over the world and the baristas who work there are so friendly. Their nitro cold brew is ridiculously good and they offer speciality drinks such as matcha and chai! They also have kombucha on tap and blueberry soda that is made in house. 


B I S T R O  V E N D O M E


This quaint, romantic french restaurant is perfect for a date night! Bistro Vendome is tucked away in a courtyard near Larimer square and it is easy to forget you are in a large, American city. Their menu is traditional and authentic french food and it is all incredible! My mum and I both ordered their Moules and we split the crème brûlée between the four of us. The wine choices they had were excellent and the staff who worked there were so welcoming and lovely! 


disclaimer: the photos that were used in the post were not my own

Rosie De La Cruz