This week I got to hang out with Danielle Bridges; it was such an honor to take her photos as she is also a photographer!! We started the day at Weekend Coffee in The Joule and I got to learn more about her life and photography story. We then explored Downtown Dallas before sneaking on to a parking garage (honestly was praising Jesus that we could get up there for free)! 

After that we drove to Favor the Kind (formerly The Gypsy Wagon) which is my favorite store in Dallas. It sells gorgeous clothes, decor and gifts and is in the Knox-Henderson area! Lexi met us there and we all went to Good Records. 

It was such a good day and so nice to be back in Downtown Dallas. Danielle is so kind, encouraging and fun... she is also a dog mum so we were both able to chat about our pups alllllllll day! 

The Joule, dallas

Favorite hotel on the planet...

Rosie De La Cruz