5 Instagram Stories Apps I Can't Live Without

5 Instagram Stories Apps I can't live without

Wanting to create some content on your Instagram stories but overwhelmed with the vast amount of options? I completely understand. I love trying out new apps to improve the content I am posting and as a social media manager I always want to stay on top of new trends.

Today I am sharing the 5 instagram stories apps I use regularly and I have stuck with. All of them are so fun and easy to use and I hope you love them too!


Unfold App - 5 Instagram Stories Apps I can't live without

Unfold is incredible! It is super easy to use and has over 25 templates to choose from, or 60 if you go premium. You can make Instagram stories with a minimal and gorgeous design. Unfold also supports video as well as images!


Over App - 5 Instagram Apps I Can't live without

Over is my favorite and longest used app for social media content. I originally downloaded this app when I started working with GEM just under 3 years ago. It was so helpful to create quick graphics for social media and at the time I was required to make A LOT.

Don’t panic if you’re not a graphic designer! It is very easy to use and if you are wanting to overlay images, text and other fun graphics to your stories, look no further than Over. It’s a great story telling tool and has been so useful for my own personal Instagram as well as being a social media manager.


8mm Vintage Camera App

8mm is a Vintage Camera that captures the beauty and magic of old school vintage movies in real time. I LOVE this app and how I can make my every day boring parts of life (like making an espresso) look cute.

It has 7 lenses and 12 film options. It also allows you to add these effects to videos you have already taken and you can also add a projector sound to the videos for even more authenticity.


VSCO App - 5 Instagram Stories I Can't Live Without

VSCO is my favorite editing tool on my iPhone and one I use for instagram stories and instagram posts. I downloaded this app about 4 years ago and I don’t think I will ever grow tired of it.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with VSCO they are a photo community that also sell incredible film preset packs for Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw and their app. The app is FREE but you also have an option to join VSCO X which gives you access to their complete preset library, enhanced creative tools, educational content, and newest features. If you don’t want to commit to $20 a year, you can also purchase film packs at around $3 each.

Hype Type

Hype Type - 5 Apps for Instagram Stories

Hype Type is an amazing video editing app! This app allows you to add video, motion text and music from a huge library. The motion typography is already created for you - so you just have to pick your favorite and it’s ready to go. You can also edit the duration of the clip and the text!

Rosie De La Cruz