Dallas Blogger Lifestyle Photos by Rosie De La Cruz

On Saturday Maelyn & I met in downtown McKinney for brunch. We went to Layered Kitchen which has a cool vibe but, to be completely honest, was really overpriced and I probably won't go back haha ?? 

We walked around the square to take photos - I love downtown McKinney as there a lot of cool brick walls and backdrops for photos to make use of. It was suuuuper hot so we went and got coffee in filtered to cool down. From there we went to Patina Green and spent way too long looking at greeting cards and smelling candles. Patina is incredible for food and gifts and easily my favorite place on the square; all of their food is farm-to-table and if you go you have to try their smoked ham and jalapeno peach jelly sandwich! 

We went from there to Erwin Park. If you live in Dallas and need to get out of the city and into the country this is the perfect place to do that. Nate and I go here regularly to walk Bear as its about 10 minutes from our house. I love going here as it is SO GREEN and really great to take photos at. But because of this you will usually see a ton of photographers there! 

I am really happy with how these photos turned out. Photography is definitely a process as I'm still learning so much and what styles and edits I like. I probably will never stop learning, growing and changing my preferences. Someone asked me the other day where I had been learning to improve my photos and it is honestly just YouTube and sometimes CreativeLive. I have spent so many hours watching tutorials specific to my camera or general ones about lighting and lightroom. It has been a huge help as I was so scared when I initially got my camera to move from auto into manual and where to even start when editing a photo. But after putting in the hours at home and studying into it I feel confident enough to go out and take photos with people! 

Maelyn is such a legit, authentic human and friend. We both met pretty soon after I had moved to Dallas and were navigating life together as we had both moved back in with our parents after she left Baylor and were figuring out what our next steps were. She is someone I can confide in, laugh with but ultimately she keeps me accountable and always asks be about my dreams and how I'm going after them. We hang out a lot and explore but it was really fun mixing it up and taking photos for her blog. 

You can check out Maelyn's blog here. 

Dallas Blogger Lifestyle Photos by Rosie De La Cruz
Dallas Blogger Lifestyle Photos by Rosie De La Cruz
Rosie De La Cruz