Christmas in California

We spent Christmas with my mum's side of the family in Burlingame, California. 

We arrived on Christmas Eve and my Granny had made dinner for everyone. We then went into the basement/games room to play a game of scrabble on their giant board/wall - which gets super competitive with the Burton family. Nate and I were struggling as we had been up early that day from the Christmas Eve services so decided to go to bed. 

Christmas morning Jez went out and got coffee for everyone and we all chilled out until everyone was awake. We all opened presents together before moving into the pool/snooker room to have champagne. 

This was a super special Christmas day as we had a chef making our lunch for us! The food was incredible and afterwards we went down to the movie room to watch Christmas Vacation - I was the only one who didn't take a 2 hour nap! We then watched the Matrix before heading outside by the fire pit for drinks and s'mores. 

On Boxing day we headed out for breakfast together and spent the day hanging out and exploring Burlingame. We got cupcakes, coffee and books and had a really fun day spending time together. We got dinner that night at the local Mexican restaurant with my Uncle Stephen, Auntie Steph and Oscar. 

The next day Nate and I headed into San Francisco. We took the tram and had definitely dressed expecting it to be a freezing day, but after walking around for an hour we went straight to the mall and bought new tops. I took Nate to my favorite place in SF - Samovar Tea Lounge. They have hundreds of different types of tea and really good avocado toast. We chilled out there and explored the Yerba Buena Gardens and then walked to Union Square. From there we took a tram to Fisherman's Wharf to go see the seals. After that we were getting hungry and restless so we headed to my favorite area in the city called Cow Hollow. There we stumbled upon The Italian Homemade Company which does really great pasta from scratch. We then took an Uber to one of the Golden Gate Bridge watchpoints. We spent about an hour or two exploring around there before heading back into the city; we were meeting Ruth, Jez and the Grandparents for Indian food back in Burlingame and we were honestly so tired from a day of exploring! 

On our last day we went to the beach to Half Moon Bay! We had so much fun with all the family; it had been about two years since I had been to the beach so I was extremely happy and content. I definitely got too excited, went too close to the water and got soaked?! Haha. 

Thank you to The Burton family for having us for Christmas. We had a really gorgeous time! xx


san francisco blog photo by rosie de la cruz

Samovar Tea Lounge

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